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Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Socialytics, lexically is still a typo, but has already engraved its potent in contemporary business preamble with a thick brush.
Socialytics or Social analytics is portrayed as one of the leading tech trends in the coming years. Though at nascent stage, has created enough hysteria especially with social media at the helm of technology revolution. With social platform been embraced at a rapid speed, conventional structured data churn'n'mine is suddenly inadequate to discern the buying pattern and to eventually contrive an apt sell-strategy. In the current social world when one prefers to tweet name of the new pet and post holiday experiences on Facebook walls, conventional analysis is far from enough to construe customers' pattern. So is Socialytics all about making sense with "dispersed information"? Well, what if we know what a customer wants before asking? In simple words, along with conventional Business analytics, Social analytics could increase the predictability resulting in quicker decisions and better customer engagement. While I will stay away from admonishing any Social analytics tools at this stage, would rather harp on this explosive trend which will redefine the complete customer engagement dynamics.